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OH my ocs are mine I'm not giving them away. I love them all, I will never give them away.
A close friend persuaded me more so asked me to continue drawing so yeah , I'll be on IG if you are interested. @ Fen_Draws Bye.
TL;DR: I'm Out son!  BYE! 

I truly hoped that I was having a really shitty art block but no; 

I honestly feel like I am done here, which is weird for me to say since hahaha.  DA has been apart of most of my adolescent life and its weird to let it go but there is really nothing left here for me honestly. I first joined DA in the 6th grade and wow I'm preparing for my last year as a high school student. Time for me to go guys, I can't make money off of DA  and art haha, I need to find a job to help support my mom lol  but still 6 years on here and in those 6 years I met some awesome people that I am truly glad to have had the pleasure to have an acquaintance with, but alas  those few friends have left and I think that is what stuck me here. DA I'm going to miss you because man 6 years is a long time. 6 years ,4 accounts and 1 awesome person. I may check in like once a month or something but I highly doubt art will pop up.ever. My spark is gone, so yeah thats it.

I'm not active on tumblr either so if you know that account don't expect anything on there either :/

My first account: looloo3398
My Second account Bluemoon-eclipse
My Third account 13-flamesofeclipse

SO yeah I'm pretty inactive everywhere
OH before I go for anything regarding VA stuff just email me they go straight to my phone so yeah.
So yeah the only public places I'm on is IG

hahaha why am I listening to music and why do I laugh when I am sad byee.

I miss DA ;;;;v;
   School is coming to an end so free time~
     Hopefully I'll have some art fro you guys soon!
ALSO if anyone plays Love Live:SIF I've been playing that too much so thats my free time.

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hey thanx for the watch , GBU
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thank you for the watch ! <3
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Thank you sooo much for the fav! It means a lot to me
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Not a problem darlin' , your silhouette castle has to be my favorite from you.
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Thank you so much for the watch! :) make sure to keep an eye out for more art coming soon <3
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